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EnDimensions, LLC today announced the release of EnSuite Express, a settlements product with the rugged heart of EnSuite Settlements (an industrial strength high performance ISO/RTO and market participants settlements system) in a package that is optimized to provide an energy settlements solution that is quick to deploy, easy to manage and simple to operate.

EnSuite Express customers can select the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) module, or opt for the comprehensive CAISO package for coverage of all CAISO settlement charges. In all cases, EnSuite Express offers all the benefits of EnSuite Settlements:

  • Fully automated data acquisition, loading, versioning and transformation. All market data, market awards, market prices and other market data are automatically downloaded and stored in the EnSuite database

  • Fully automated acquisition and storage of CAISO statements, invoices and billing determinant files

  • End-to-end auditability and SOX compliance

  • Data validation and shadow calculation of all charge codes

  • A full range of settlement and market reports, including accruals and invoicing

  • Ensuite’s signature performance advantage

EnSuite Express is offered in two formats:

  1. As a managed application, staged, hosted and maintained by EnDimensions. We take care of database setup and maintenance, ongoing “care and feeding”, and backup and recovery services. Get on line and operating in days, not weeks.

  2. As a licensed application, staged and supported at customer facilities. For customers that prefer keeping the application in-house, we offer an application that minimizes maintenance and upkeep requirements, while providing the reliability and availability that our large EnSuite Settlements customers rely on.

Please contact EnDimensions, LLC at for more information or to schedule a demonstration!

CAISO’s semiannual release schedule has seen two exceptionally busy schedules, with the spring release of the FERC 764 market revisions, and the fall release of CAISO’s new Energy Imbalance Market (EIM). Each release has brought major revisions to the structure of CAISO energy settlements, including the fifteen-minute market charges mandated by FERC 764 and a large group of new and modified charge codes with the inception of EIM. The release of the EIM market changes represents the second major market update that Northern California utility PG&E has managed since installing EnSuite Settlements.

In each case, EnSuite Settlements managed the change with aplomb. “EnSuite is designed from the ground up to manage this type of market change.” said EnDimensions CTO Elene Radinskaia, “In both the fall and spring releases, the changes to charge validation and shadow calculations were handled without compiling a single line of code. This allows for a clean and trouble-free transition for our customers, without disrupting system availability or the customer’s daily business process. In most cases, updates can be installed transparently to the user, and without shutting down the system.”

COO Ryan Heidari noted, “As we progress with our partners at PG&E, each market update cycle reinforces our confidence that the fundamentals of the EnSuite Settlements design are solid; Our aim with EnSuite is to provide a robust, full featured product suite that reduces long-term cost of ownership and supports our commitment to innovation and refinement that continually adds value to the product. Leveraging its modular design, we can now also offer an EnSuite product targeted toward EIM market participants who do not require the full scope of ISO settlements.”

Watch for our upcoming announcement about EnSuite Express!

The California ISO’s Energy Imbalance Market is Closer Than You Think!

With the CAISO FERC 764 market changes now in the rearview mirror, we can all draw a deep breath and look forward to the next big thing: the CAISO Energy Imbalance Market, aka the EIM. The EIM will launch the most significant geographical expansion of the Western energy markets since the launch of CAISO back in ’97.

Cal ISO looks to gain a more flexible portfolio of real time energy resources to augment the increasingly diverse, and increasingly renewable, resources within the state. External entities such as inaugural EIM participant PacifiCorp hope to gain added flexibility as well, including the ability to buy and sell energy in the real time energy markets and across area boundaries in a much more dynamic manner than in the past. The idea is that by increasing the overall fleet of available resources to (ideally) include much of the Western Interconnect, regional variations in load and generation will tend to cancel out across the area, keeping prices down and enhancing reliability. Many of the stakeholders will be watching this market launch very closely.

At EnDimensions, we have been tracking the evolution of the market structures and tariff provisions very closely. Having met the challenges of the FERC 764 changes with timely revisions to our EnSuite settlement and analytic products, we are now tooling up for a smooth transition to EIM! The EIM market will bring new requirements for scheduling and settlements, including new charges and changes to existing charges that our shadow settlement and analytics modules will respond to with aplomb. In addition, new EIM participants will find that the EnSuite Settlements products, together with expertise of our market experts, will provide for a clean and easy transition for those wishing to enter the market.

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