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EnDimensions’ Energy Settlement, Financial and Market Data Solution!

The amount of data required for day-to-day operations in the energy and utility space has exploded. Generation and load serving entities must capture and process terabytes of information from customers, suppliers, market operators, interval meters, system operations and SCADA. Massive pools of data must be captured, communicated, aggregated, stored, and analyzed over a variety of interfaces and technologies. In addition to the unending stream of data pouring in from CRM systems, deregulated energy markets and energy procurement operations, billions of networked sensors are now finding their way into physical devices like smart meters, power plant revenue meters, EV chargers, facility management systems, and so on. The list keeps growing. The ability to extract timely actionable intelligence from huge datasets now takes its place alongside more traditional factors of production such as hard assets and human capital as efficient operations, planning, innovation, and growth simply can’t happen without it.

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From its inception, EnDimensions has innovated in specialized database designs, system architectures, analytics and visualization techniques that place high-quality business intelligence at the fingertips of resource planners, business analysts, system operators, department managers and executives. We didn’t add robust, high throughput, reliable data management to our solutions; we built it that way from the start, from raw data acquisition to C-suite reports.  Whether the task is to evaluate demand response programs or analyze the financials of green energy resources, the response must be fast, accurate, reproducible and documentable.

EnDimensions foresaw the data explosion and designed EnSuite® to meet the challenge, right from the beginning. Data vectorization, standardized computational formats and fault-tolerant processing are a few examples of the approach we take to turbocharge our business intelligence systems. The EnDimensions solution suite is a wise choice for energy companies looking to organize their diverse data universe into a high-octane purpose-built, one stop shop for business intelligence, so you can focus on the destination and let EnSuite® take care of the journey.

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