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EnDimensions, LLC staff have been broadly and consistently involved in the energy domain, with emphasis on central market operators and energy market participants since the launch of the California ISO in 1998. Since inception, EnDimensions has grown and expanded its business to cover a broad spectrum of applications in the energy domain. Our clients include ISOs and RTOs, generation owners, energy traders, Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) and investment houses. The EnSuite® Solutions Group distilled our years of assisting and listening to our customers into a suite of ground-breaking applications for settlements, financial analysis, regulatory reporting and process management. As we look to the future in the electric energy domain, we see a landscape transformed and revolutionized by the explosive growth of renewable energy technologies, now and for decades to come. EnSuite® is built to manage all the complexity that arises from the bewildering mix of markets, technology and regulatory oversight that marks today’s energy industry. It is a revolutionary, high-performance, highly configurable product designed to streamline business operations and extract actionable intelligence from the blizzard of data that impacts modern market operators, producers and service providers in today’s energy domain.

EnDimensions, LLC is CPUC WBE certified.


EnDimensions provides best-in-breed software solutions for settlements, financial analysis, reporting and process management, backed by deep and comprehensive expertise from top industry professionals to develop efficient and cost-effective approaches to planning, policy, business process and application integration in the electric energy domain. Our clients leverage EnDimensions' understanding of their needs in the full context of the business and regulatory environment in which they operate. We adopt a multidimensional approach, offering a comprehensive package of software and business expertise to provide solutions that are complete, efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

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