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  • Financial data models based on market and operational data

  • Streamlines modeling and visualization of complex data relationships and trends

  • Analyzes historical market trends and patterns for portfolio monitoring

  • Creates user defined monitoring thresholds and alerts for business validations

  • Efficiently identifies outliers and anomalies, drills down to root causes

  • Data mining and built-in analytics enable wide range of reporting capabilities

  • Configurable and customizable reports from analyst to management levels

  • Automated report notification, creation and distribution

  • Customizable dashboards for status tracking, process monitoring and notification


EnSuite® Financial Analytics and Monitoring Module enhances business processes, providing streamlined and accessible business intelligence for financial analysis and review.

This module provides advanced financial analytics for business operation and data screening in any market environment. It arranges multiple levels of high-volume financial data in standardized, graphical and tabular formats and automates market/portfolio monitoring and reporting processes. It allows for custom reporting, custom calculations and is fully accessible to reporting tools like Tableau® and Crystal Reports®.

Standardized one-click reports cover a wide range of common data requests. Various roll-ups by portfolio, resource or account are generated swiftly. The ad-hoc query interface features pre-built data objects with a custom query panel to allow users to build custom reports and respond to ad-hoc data requests.

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