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Even in established markets, a single error in settlement calculations by the RTO or grid operator can involve hundreds of thousands of dollars. The ability to effectively validate complex charges and invoice quantities results in successful disputes that can amortize a software investment in this area almost immediately. In addition, a successfully designed system provides integration with the billing, invoicing and sub-customer management to cut costs, improve efficiency and enhance customer relations.


EnDimensions combines expertise in market structures, system operating procedures, communications and data structures with practical experience in specification, implementation and operation of settlements systems in ISOs and RTOs, utilities, market participants and service providers. Whether your goal is to improve existing systems, integrate new products or implement a fully integrated solution, EnDimensional Expertise maximizes the return.


Our services include:

  • Configuration, testing and validation of shadow calculations for all market charges and credits in the deregulated markets

  • Data modeling, data structures and integration for settlements systems in SOA and web-services based integration layers

  • Database design and architecture for settlements data in in-house and custom settlements systems

  • Design and preparation of test data for settlements testing

  • End-to-end testing of settlements in market trials and in-house validations

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