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Bidding and Scheduling

From region to region, bidding and scheduling are data-intensive, time-critical and unforgiving toward errors. A physical energy scheduling system must provide the following functionality:

  • Clean, quick and accurate user interface

  • Full data storage, audit trail and reproducibility

  • Integration capability for settlements, data warehousing, risk analysis, strategic optimization and P&L analysis

  • Direct programmatic links to RTO scheduling and bidding infrastructure, tagging and market information servers

  • Integration with SCADA/EMS systems for accurate and appropriate response to market dispatch instructions

EnDimensions experience is in the practical aspects of specifying, implementing, integrating and launching scheduling applications. Our experience combined with deep understanding of the ISO and RTO business processes, computing and networking infrastructure will get your systems flying on the level. EnDimensions experts have specified, implemented and integrated RTO and ISO scheduling systems in all the active deregulation markets in the United States. EnDimensional expertise makes it happen.

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