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Operations & Generation Control

In the complex dance that is real time operations, energy resources respond to market influences, reliability requirements and operational constraints on a timescale that makes automation and tight integration with market systems crucial for optimal operation and profit maximization. By direct integration with market scheduling and bidding systems, market information becomes a direct driver in fleet management. Bid awards, nodal and zonal price information, ancillary service requirements and fleet production errors can all be integrated in a system that captures fleeting market opportunities and minimizes exposure to market and physical risk. By centralizing far-flung real-time market and resource information, system operators have the tools required to orchestrate the effort without missing a step.

EnDimensions personnel are experienced in design and implementation of market-driven real time control systems to automate generation response to the market signals and maintain operational reliability. As in many areas, planning, business process, software, staging and networking all play a part in a successful system. We at EnDimensions have designed and implemented ground-breaking market-driven control systems that maximize profits and minimize errors for energy market participants, including utilities and merchant generators.

We specialize in:

  • Market-Based Optimal Dispatch

  • Unit Commitment

  • Real-Time Resource Control

  • LMP and Zonal Pricing and dispatch systems

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