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Green Energy Production and Storage

The twin imperatives of greenhouse gas reduction and energy independence have created a huge resurgence in renewable energy technology and development. Across the nation government and regulatory agencies are instituting renewable portfolio standards (RPS) as targets for development of renewable energy resources. Financial incentives such are feed-in tariffs and production tax credits are either in place or under development to help provide a stable financial environment to ensure capital recovery for renewable energy developers. Similar efforts are underway worldwide.

Wind, photovoltaic solar, solar concentrator, geothermal and tidal energy recovery are among a host of technologies entering the market. Each has unique characteristics that must be recognized and accommodated by utilities, regulatory agencies, system operators and energy markets.

In parallel with the development of renewable energy resources, storage technologies such as battery storage facilities, compressed air, thermal storage and other technologies promise to complement renewable energy technologies by smoothing out some of the inherent variations in energy production from most renewable energy technologies. Storage technologies provide other system benefits in their own right, such as the potential for enhanced system reliability and control.

EnDimensions, LLC has been involved in many aspects of the renewable energy domain with solutions and services tailored to specific needs and requirement of each client. For Asset Owners we analyze and perform:

  • Contractual and legal issues related to renewable energy project acquisition

  • US regulatory requirements and standards

  • Permits, environmental studies, power purchase agreements andrequirements for power grid connection

  • Data interconnections, control systems, software and networking, power system operations

For the Central Market Operators we perform:

  • Analysis of grid operational requirements for support of a mix of renewable energy technologies

  • Market product development and analysis for renewable and storage resources

  • Analysis of transmission adequacy to support renewable resource development in areas where such development is likely to be most productive

  • Analysis and recommendations for operational support of imports and exports of renewable energy

  • Complementary aspects of renewable energy and storage technologies for system operation, load shaping, reliability and other aspects

As part of renewable project development we conduct:

  • Analysis, design and operation of generation information systems (GIS) from trading and tracking renewable energy credits

  • Analysis of revenue opportunities and system benefits for advanced technologies such as advanced wind turbine designs, fast power-electronics based storage systems and power electronic interfaces to wind and solar resources

  • Analysis of distributed renewable generation and its relationship to Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Smart Grid technologies

  • Analysis and reporting on regulatory and market design issues and their impact on renewable operations and revenue opportunities

  • Design, integration and launch of SCADA interconnections for monitoring and control of renewable facilities

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