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Dr. Jeffrey Chapman

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA USA

  • 25 Years in Energy Field

  • Expertise in Renewable Energy, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Central Energy Markets, Project Technical Analysis

  • Strategic Development & Planning


Mr. Ryan Heidari

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • MBA San Francisco State University; BS Mechanical Engineering, California Polytechnic University SLO

  • 19 Years experience in energy domain

  • Expertise in Marketing, Business Process, Business Management, Project Finance and Contract Negotiation

  • Strategic Partnership and Business Development

Ms. Elene Radinskaia

  • Chief Information Officer

  • MS Electrical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

  • 15 years of experience in energy sector

  • Expertise in Central Energy Markets and Renewable Energy

  • Project Engineering, Technical Feasibility, Resource Optimization, Data Communications and Real Time Control Systems


Mr. Valentin Petrov

  • Chief Architect

  • Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Physics, Ohio, USA

  • Computer Engineering, Iowa, USA

  • 20 years experience in Power and Energy

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