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  • Standardized Framework for Regulatory Reporting

  • Extensively Customizable and Configurable Reporting

  • Fast, Convenient, Searchable and Auditable Data Access

  • Automated, Customizable Regulatory Reports

  • Automated Resource Performance Reports

  • End-of-Month, End-of-Quarter, End-of-Year Reporting

  • Custom User-Designed Reports


The ability to prepare detailed, accurate and verifiable reports for executive oversight and regulatory agencies is of utmost importance to any regulated or unregulated market participant. Preparing these detailed and comprehensive reports can tie up key personnel for days or weeks at a time and involve multiple cycles of review and correct by various business units.

EnSuite® can help by providing a reporting framework that is fast, convenient, searchable and auditable. It streamlines the report preparation, validation and approval process by reducing data mining, data review, and report generation stages to minutes rather than hours or days. The EnSuite® Regulatory Reporting Module contains pre-configured reports for common functions, which can be customized to reflect each user’s requirements. These include functions such as resource and portfolio performance reports, end-of-month, end-of-quarter and end-of-year summary reports.

EnSuite® formalizes the periodic reporting to oversight organizations while also offering a high degree of customization and maximum flexibility to respond to today’s rapidly changing business environment.

The EnSuite® Regulatory Reporting Module benefits large entities where high performance and customizability is critical as well as mid-to-small size companies needing trouble-free predefined report formats.

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