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EnDimensions announces the launch of EnSuite Express, the streamlined solution for settlements in CA

EnDimensions, LLC today announced the release of EnSuite Express, a settlements product with the rugged heart of EnSuite Settlements (an industrial strength high performance ISO/RTO and market participants settlements system) in a package that is optimized to provide an energy settlements solution that is quick to deploy, easy to manage and simple to operate.

EnSuite Express customers can select the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) module, or opt for the comprehensive CAISO package for coverage of all CAISO settlement charges. In all cases, EnSuite Express offers all the benefits of EnSuite Settlements:

  • Fully automated data acquisition, loading, versioning and transformation. All market data, market awards, market prices and other market data are automatically downloaded and stored in the EnSuite database

  • Fully automated acquisition and storage of CAISO statements, invoices and billing determinant files

  • End-to-end auditability and SOX compliance

  • Data validation and shadow calculation of all charge codes

  • A full range of settlement and market reports, including accruals and invoicing

  • Ensuite’s signature performance advantage

EnSuite Express is offered in two formats:

  1. As a managed application, staged, hosted and maintained by EnDimensions. We take care of database setup and maintenance, ongoing “care and feeding”, and backup and recovery services. Get on line and operating in days, not weeks.

  2. As a licensed application, staged and supported at customer facilities. For customers that prefer keeping the application in-house, we offer an application that minimizes maintenance and upkeep requirements, while providing the reliability and availability that our large EnSuite Settlements customers rely on.

Please contact EnDimensions, LLC at for more information or to schedule a demonstration!


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